Are Air Purifiers Worth It? Read On

Do I need an air purifier? Are air purifiers worth it? This is a common question in the minds of most homeowners. There are many good reasons to buy an air purifier, some you may not even have thought of. Perhaps you’ve been hearing about them on the television, in magazines, or on the internet, … Read more

Cleaning the Air… What You Can Do

Behind the Wheel On hot, sunny days, when conditions are conducive to smog… Consider ways to limit your driving. If it’s practical, walk, share a ride, ride a bike or use public transportation. And avoid unnecessary trips by combining errands. Don’t let your car idle for long periods of time when stopped in traffic or … Read more

Air Pollution Facts

During the past 29 years, air pollution in the United States has dramatically decreased as a result of the combined efforts of government, industry and individuals. Yet, research indicates that the public is largely unaware of this progress and believes that air pollution continues to increase and the air quality is deteriorating. The Foundation aims … Read more