What are the Best Affordable Air Purifiers for under $200?

Best Affordable Air Purifier - Cheap Air Cleaner Reviews for 2020

What are the best air purifiers under 200? Air is Life. Pure air indicates a healthier life. We should not have much trouble getting that fresh air. We ought to breathe easily; without thinking about what we are breathing because even breathing is unintentional. Have you ever imagined that we … Read more

What is the Best Small Portable Air Conditioner?

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What is the Best Small Portable Air Conditioner? An air conditioner is a luxury and a requisite in most tropical countries. Summers can be excessively hot within the tropics. This can be overwhelming even for people who are innate in these places. For this reason, most homeowners who live in … Read more

What are the Best Smallest Window Air Conditioners?

The Best Smallest Window Air Conditioners Reviews

What are the best smallest window air conditioners? Air conditioners for windows are usually more effective than their movable AC equivalents. However, you can enhance further the cooling performance of your device by acquiring something that fits your room. Sometimes this means getting a smaller device rather than a larger … Read more

What are the Best Air Purifier for Pets?

Best Air Purifier for Pets - Pet Hair Air Purifiers Reviews 2019

After recently writing on the air purifiers for smoke and the air purifiers for mold, we now turn our attention to the best air purifier for pets. Of course, pets bring a lot to our homes- affection, lifetime companionship, and plenty of fun. Sadly, your furry friends will, and I … Read more

What are the Best Air Purifiers for Mold?

Best air purifier for mold

The best air purifier for mold comes with dedicated mold battling features that are missing from standard air purifiers. For example, most of the air purifiers for mold spores come with ultra-efficient HEPA filters that typically capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns(in diameter). That’s significant because … Read more

What is the Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms?

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What are the Best Air Purifiers for 2021?

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Several names come to mind when it comes to the best air purifiers… Honeywell, Sharp, Daikin, Samsung, and Coway will certainly feature. A couple of budget options have emerged in the last decade including Germguardian and you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get an effective air purifier. … Read more

Winix C555 Air Cleaner with Plasmawave Technology Review 2021

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Winix C555 Review 2021: The Winix C555 joins the family of air purifiers from Winix that use plasmawave, a special ionizer that impressively gets rid of harmful particles and other pollutants. And it brings much, much more, as you’ll learn in this Winix c555 review. This is for you if … Read more

Winix wac9500 Air Purifier Review for 2021

Winix wac9500 Air Purifier Review

This Winix wac9500 review winds up our study of air purifier reviews from Winix, the budget South Korean brand. Let’s start with an overview. Winix Wac9500: At A Glance The WAC9500 employs the superior 5-stage air purification process (includes Plasmawave) to remove polluting particles and make your home’s air fresh … Read more

Winix c535 Air Purifier Review

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