Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

Vacuum cleaners, without a doubt, are one of the most useful appliances when it comes to cleaning. Could you live without a vacuum in your life? Surely many of you do not, so today we will talk about how to choose the best vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

Types of vacuum cleaners: what is the best option for you?

If you wonder how to choose an ideal vacuum for you, keep reading, because we are going to clarify what are the types of vacuum cleaners that the market offers us today and the advantages offered by each of them.

Vacuum cleaner with bag vs vacuum cleaner without bag

The vacuum cleaner with bag is the traditional vacuum cleaner par excellence . It stores the dirt in a bag that must be replaced once it is full, and although they are more affordable than modern vacuum cleaners, the replacement of bags is an additional cost. Your advantage? When operating with bag replacement, the device does not require constant cleaning.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are very similar to traditional ones, their only difference is that dirt is stored in a compartment that empties directly into the trash.

Vertical vacuum cleaners

They are characterized by operating with a rechargeable battery, thus forgetting the uncomfortable cables of traditional vacuum cleaners. They are lighter and have easy handling, and like bagless vacuum cleaners, they have a removable tank. Their only problem is that they usually have less power, so they are more suitable for point cleaning.

Robot vacuum cleaner

They are the latest fashion, since they work automatically. They move across the surfaces avoiding obstacles thanks to a series of sensors that are incorporated. They are perfect for open spaces, and also, if you don’t have too much time to devote to cleaning, we assure you that a robot vacuum will be the best vacuum for you.

Steam vacuum

They are very effective for cleaning the house, since using steam at a high temperature manages to remove dirt in a very effective way, in addition, they are very useful when cleaning carpets and tiles.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

They are really comfortable to clean small surfaces without resorting to the use of a full-size vacuum cleaner. They also usually include special adapters for carpets and furniture.

Types of vacuum cleaner and its recommended use

We can say that, broadly speaking, there are 6 different types of vacuum cleaners . Carrying out a comparison of vacuum cleaners with all of them in mind is essential to buy the ideal vacuum cleaner:

1. Sled without bag

They are the lifelong vacuum cleaners for home cleaning. They offer many advantages in the domestic sphere . The most important is the power. They are very powerful vacuum cleaners, so they are able to leave the house very clean in a short time. In fact, there are models that offer more than 1600W of nominal power, which is what marks the electrical consumption of the vacuum cleaner.

The most economical vacuum cleaners on the market are handheld vacuum cleaners with cable. However, these are not suitable for cleaning the floor

But, in addition, these are the vacuum cleaners with the maximum suction power. By this we mean that they can catch even the mites and the smallest dust particles . And, if they have high efficiency HEPA filters, even more. In addition, the best modern bagless sled vacuum cleaners should be considered silent as they emit less than 70 dB at full capacity.

In addition, these vacuum cleaners are comfortable to use and clean since they lack a bag. They usually have a cyclonic system that separates air from dirt, which stays in their HEPA filters.

The use of bagless sled vacuum cleaners is home focused . Its good suction power makes it possible to leave the ground unpolluted quickly They are also suitable for demanding and intensive cleaning when necessary and, thanks to their multiple accessories and their large length tube, they are also suitable for removing dust from the sofa, carpet and other household textile elements.

2. Sledding with bag

Bagged sled vacuum cleaners have a good balance between power and consumption and are ideal for leaving the house clean quickly. In fact, they have the same characteristics as bagless sled vacuum cleaners.

However, the sucked dirt accumulates in a vacuum bag, not in the HEPA filter . Therefore, we must clean it every time we use it and, periodically, replace it. This makes buying sled vacuum with a bag cheaper at first, but more expensive in the long run.

3. Handheld with cable

This is the ideal type for those looking for a small vacuum that weighs little. The handheld vacuum cleaners with cable have an ergonomic handle to hold them and, obviously, a power cord that must be connected to a plug or to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Handheld vacuum cleaners with cable are ideal for those looking for a small vacuum that weighs little

Obviously, the power of the handheld vacuum with cable is quite less than that of the sled vacuum. They are ideal, for example, to vacuum the sofa and remove animal hairs from it. They are also very useful vacuum cleaners to remove dust from rails and window frames.

4. Handheld without cable

The cordless handheld vacuum is a variant of the previous type . It is ideal for those who want to have a handy and versatile vacuum. They are battery powered vacuum cleaners that connect to a charging station when they are not being used. Afterwards, they provide a range of 15 or 20 minutes.

The uses of the cordless vacuum are the same as in the previous case. However, they provide greater freedom when it comes to removing pet hair or bread crumbs from the table, for example. They are also the best vacuum cleaners to clean the car.

5. Robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuum robots are in fashion because they offer good levels of power and are completely autonomous . In fact, just activate them in ‘Auto’ mode to start cleaning your house. Without a doubt, they are the recommended vacuum cleaners for people who work hard and spend little time at home and for those who don’t like cleaning.

Obviously, vacuum robots have some drawbacks . For example, they find it difficult to reach the corners and corners, they cannot access the back of the furniture or the sofa and they can get stuck with socks, carpets or any other similar element that is on the floor. However, the fact that they are autonomous vacuum cleaners that are responsible for cleaning when we are not at home is an advantage that compensates for all of the above.

Vacuum robots have the ability to leave the floor of the house very clean. However, being unable to access other surfaces, it is advisable to complement them with handheld vacuum cleaners with or without cables . They are also, in many cases, vacuum cleaners with mop and mop function .

6. Vertical vacuum

Vertical vacuum cleaners or broom vacuum cleaners offer the possibility to sweep and vacuum manually at the same time . In fact, they have a telescopic stand that makes them very comfortable and easy to use vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum broom is the ideal type to clean the corners and corners of the floor. In addition, simply remove the support so that they can act as handheld vacuum cleaners. They are also cordless vacuum cleaners and, if they have a carpet brush , they are ideal for these textile elements.

They are really comfortable to clean small surfaces without resorting to the use of a full-size vacuum cleaner. They also usually include special adapters for carpets and furniture.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

When we talk about large spaces such as offices, shops or industrial warehouses, domestic vacuum cleaners are insufficient. For these cases, the ideal is to use industrial vacuum cleaners. In addition to dust cleaning they are also efficient in liquid collection, and their high level filtration allows the retention of fine powders that a regular filter would not be able to retain.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Choosing the best vacuum for each user is not easy. There is a great variety of types and models in the market and there are many aspects to consider . Here we want to make a summary with those who should mark the purchase decision of a vacuum cleaner:

1. What is housing like ? The best vacuum cleaners for large houses are sled vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners. Both types are able to leave the house very clean in a very short time. On the other hand, if it is a small apartment, broom or vertical vacuum cleaners are more suitable for intensive cleaning and do not leave any corner with dust.

2. Are there animals at home ? Pet hairs require powerful vacuum cleaners and easily reach every corner. Therefore, the best vacuum cleaners for dog or cat dog hair are sled and vertical . Of course, these animals tend to be scared by the noise generated by these devices, so we must try to buy a silent vacuum cleaner.

3. Are there allergic to dust in the house ? Buying a vacuum with a good allergy filter is essential in homes where a member has problems with dust. At this time, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are recommended for allergy sufferers.

4. How often will the vacuum be used ? The best vacuum cleaners for daily use are vacuum robots. On the other hand, if we only plan to use the vacuum cleaner on time or intensively, we will better use a sled or a broom . These are powerful and large vacuum cleaners with greater suction capacity.

5. What type of soil is at home ? 

Another important issue. For example, the recommended vacuum for parquet is the robot vacuum cleaner. In contrast, sled vacuum cleaners are perfect for porous ceramic floors. We must bear in mind that to remove dirt from them it is necessary to have the most powerful vacuum cleaner. Also, vertical vacuum cleaners are suitable for marble, terrazzo and other floors with a low percentage of porosity.

6. What is our budget ? 

Tips to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

The most economical vacuum cleaners on the market are handheld vacuum cleaners with cable. However, these are not suitable for cleaning the floor. In this sense, if we are looking for a cheap vacuum cleaner, it is best to buy a vertical or broom. In an intermediate range are vacuum robots. However, the best brands of vacuum cleaners already have models with high performance capable of mapping the house, scrubbing and mop that have a fairly high price. For their part, sled vacuum cleaners are the most expensive, but also the most powerful. In any case, it is common to find good offers of vacuum cleaners and models of brands such as Cecotec that offer excellent value for money.

Now that you know the different types of vacuum cleaners that we can find in the market and the benefits that each of them brings us, you are sure to be ready to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.

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